Zeekr 009 Is A New Electric MPV For The Chinese Car Market

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This is the Zeekr 009, a new fully electric MPV for the Chinese car market. It sports a daring design with boxy lines and an enormous silver plate for a grille. There are ADAS cameras and sensors on the front fenders, behind the windscreen, and under the license plate area.

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The Zeekr 009 MPV is a large three-row car. Size is 5209/2024/1856, with a 3205 millimeter wheelbase. Zeekr is a high-end EV brand under the Geely Group. Their first, and so far only, car was the Zeekr 001 sedan-coupe. The 009 is based on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). This platform also underpins the Zeekr 001, the Lotus Eletre, and the upcoming Polestar 5. The multi-spoke wheels look brilliant with the Zeekr name in the center.

One of the most interesting design details is the C-pillar, with a shark-fin door line and a 7-line silver decoration, topped by a silver colored lower roof line.

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The Zeekr 009 has sliding doors on each side. The seating configuration is 2+2+2, but Zeekr will also offer a VIP version with only two seats in the back. There is a small sunroof above the front seats and a much larger one above the second and third row.

The dashboard with a HUD in the middle and a horizontal touch screen.

Earlier spy shot of the interior, showing a small and sporty steering wheel, wide front seats, a center tunnel with a wireless phone charger and a drive selector, and large swaths of white leather.

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The third row seems very tight, with really only enough space for two kids or grandmothers.

Zeekr went arty-farty with this image, showing only half of the vehicle on one side and an empty desert on the other. Well, all right. The silver plate grille is still impressive though. Geely calls the grille design “The Fountain of Light”, and it is fitted with 154 LED strips. The daytime running lights are made up of two vertical LEDs on each side. The main headlights are located lower down, each consisting of 3 units.

Zeekr says the 009 will have a range of 700 kilometer NEDC. No details were disclosed on power, but considering that the 009 stands on the same platform as the 001 we can guesstimate some numbers. The 001 is available with a single 272 hp motor on the rear wheels or with a 544 hp twin-motor setup. It is available with a 86 kWh or a 100 kWh battery, with range ranging from 536 to 732 kilometers NEDC.

The Zeekr 009 will launch on the Chinese car market before the end of the year. Public debut is scheduled for the 2022 Chengdu Motor Show which will start on August 26.

The Zeekr 009 is a daring looking MPV with great design details, and a range of 700 km for such a large vehicle is impressive. The 009 will sure shape up the competition in the increasingly crowded luxury MPV market.

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  1. … with really only enough space for two kids or grandmothers. Outrageous! and sexist too… Why should grandmothers – and not grandfathers, be confined to the rearmost seats…? I suppose the thinking is that all alpha males – who of course are all tall and well built, deserve to be the front seats where they can direct things and protect the poor little gentlewomen in the back. Such last century writing… could only have been written by a lothario…



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