New BYD Song Plus hit pre-sales in China with a starting price of 23,800 USD

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The BYD Song Plus Champion Edition hit pre-sales in China. It is a facelift of the “good-old” Song Plus. It is available for reservations in both PHEV and EV versions. The Song Plus Champion Edition got the Ocean X Face design, getting closer to the BYD’s Ocean series. Let’s get to know it better.

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We will remind you that the Song series is one of the bestselling NEV (New Energy Vehicle) lines worldwide. In May 2023, the Song Plus series sold 24,349 units, while its sibling, the BYD Song Pro, sold 13,685 cars. In China, the Song Plus SUV is a strong rival of the Tesla Model Y. And its Champion Edition (which is actually a facelift) has finally hit pre-sales to strengthen its market positions.

Here, we also have to mention that the debut of the Song Plus Champion Edition has once again proved that BYD has broken the arrangement of its series. The thing is BYD has two main series. The first one is Dynasty, that comprises vehicles called after well-known Chinese dynasties. It comprises Tang, Han, Song, Qin, Yuan. As for the second series, it is Ocean that comprises vehicles with names connected to the marine theme. The Ocean series initially comprised Destroyer 05, Frigate 07 (Corvette 07), Seal, Dolphin, Seagull. But as we can see now, BYD also positions e2 and Song Plus as marine line vehicles. It is awkward since the Song Plus was a part of the Dynasty series for a long time. But it is not the case now.

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Let’s get to know the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition Better

From left to right: Song Plus DM-i and Song Plus EV

As we have already mentioned several times, it is a facelift of the old Song Plus. So, the dimensions of the Champion Edition didn’t change much. Its all-electric version has dimensions of 4785/1890/1660 mm, and the wheelbase is 2765 mm. As for the DM-i modification (PHEV), its size is 4775/1890/1670 mm, and the wheelbase is 2765 mm. In terms of the exterior design, the Song Plus EV has a closed grille with thin headlights and a sloped bonnet line. And the Song Plus DM-i has a visible grille. BYD calls this styling “Ocean X Face”.

In terms of powertrain, we should separate these two versions from each other. Let’s start with the electric one. The Song Plus EV Champion Edition got an electric motor for 204 hp and 310 Nm. And a slightly more powerful version got the e-motor for 218 hp. Speaking about battery options, there are two of them: LFP for 71 kWh and 87 kWh. A for the range of the Song Plus EV, it reaches 520-605 km, depending on the battery. The ‘old’ Song Plus EV had only 505 km of range.

Now, let’s move to the Song Plus DM-i Champion Edition. It has a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated ICE for 110 hp and an electric motor for 197 horses. The entry level version of the Song Plus DM-i got 110 km of a fully electric range. As for the trim-levels with a more capacious battery, it can run up to 150 km in a fully electric mode. It is a huge increase from the ‘old’ Song Plus DM-i that had only 110 km of electric range.

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Speaking about the pre-sale price range of the Song Plus Champion Edition, its EV version has four trim levels with a price range of 179,800 – 219,800 yuan (25,240 – 30,850 USD). As for the DM-i version, it is slightly cheaper with a price range of 169,800 – 199,800 RMB (23,840 – 28,050 USD). For a comparison, the entry level of the Song Plus EV Champion Edition became 7,000 yuan (980 USD) cheaper than the old model. But the DM-i has appeared to be 25,000 yuan (3,500) more expensive. This noticeable increase is caused by a bigger battery.

Editor’s comment

Aside from the questionable positioning, the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition became a more exciting vehicle. It has an attractive appearance, more efficient powertrains and reasonable price tags. It looks like this facelift is just on time to boost the sales of the Song Plus series.

Source: BYD Weibo

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