BYD Song

New BYD Song Pro DM-i spotted in China with 5-gen DM powertrain

The new BYD Song Pro DM-i crossover was seen in China during road tests with the fifth-gen DM plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Second-gen BYD Song Plus leaked in China before the launch

The second-gen BYD Song Plus DM-i will enter the market in August this year with a sturdy styling and a fifth-gen BYD’s PHEV powertrain.

BYD Song Pro DM-i launched in China 15% cheaper than before

The BYD Song Pro DM-i Honor Edition has a new black body color, 1090 km mixed range, and a starting price of 15,300 USD in China.

BYD Song L releases official interior photos, market entry this quarter

The flagship SUV should be on sale this quarter for 34,000 USD.

New BYD Song Plus DM-i and EV models will start pre-sale on June 8

The EV model has two cruising range options of 520 km and 605 km.

BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition launched in China for 19,190 USD

BYD Song Pro DM-i launched in China right after GWM reported that BYD possibly failed emission standards. How did BYD handle it?

2023 BYD Song Pro DM-i hybrid compact SUV arrived at dealer in China

It is expected to launch within Q2 2023.

2023 BYD Song Pro DM-i official pic released, may launch on May 6

Its starting price may be around 18,800 USD.

BYD Song L concept car sneak peek at Shanghai Auto Show

This highly anticipated SUV will unveil on April 18! #ShanghaiAutoShow2023

All new BYD Song Plus EV was exposed in China. Bigger and better

The BYD Song Plus EV is ready for the Chinese market with 218 horses and nice styling. Let's get to it.