BYD Song Plus Champion Edition launched in China. EV version starts at 23,700 USD

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The BYD Song Plus Champion Edition was launched in the Chinese market in two variants: EV and PHEV. It is a facelift model of the well-known BYD Song Plus SUV that was one of the best-selling SUVs for several months in China. Its all electric version has 605 km of range, 218 hp and a starting price of 179,800 yuan (25,100 USD). As for the PHEV version, it has a 1.5-liter ICE for 110 hp and a 197-hp electric motor and a price of 169,800 yuan (23,700 USD). Let’s get to know the Song Plus Champion Edition better.

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Basic information about the Song Plus Champion Edition

So, the electric and plug-in hybrid models of the Song Plus Champion Edition were launched at the same time. They both adopt the distinctive Ocean X face design with headlights that look close to the BYD Seal. As for the front end, the Song Plus EV has a closed grille while the DM-i (PHEV) version got a frameless one. They also got sporty front bumpers and a single taillight unit. Speaking about dimensions, the electric version of the Song EV Champion Edition’s size is 4785/1890/1660 mm. And the Song Plus DM-i is 4775/1890/1670 mm. In both cases, the wheelbase of the Song Plus is equal to 2765 mm.

Speaking about powertrain, the all-electric Song Plus EV Champion Edition got an electric motor for 204 hp and 310 Nm. And a slightly more powerful version got the e-motor for 218 hp. As for the battery, there are two options: LFP for 71 kWh and 87 kWh. A for the range of the Song Plus EV, it reaches 520-605 km. As for the Song Plus DM-i, it is equipped with a 1.5 naturally aspirated ICE for 110 hp and an electric motor for 197 horses. It has two battery options: for 110 km of range and 150 km (CLTC).

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Inside, the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition got a 15.6-inch screen that can rotate portrait-landscape. It is also equipped with a large instrument panel, and a three-spoke steering wheel. As for the gear selector, it is a ‘diamond’ retractable shifter. It was also borrowed from the BYD Seal. Other nice features of the BYD Song Plus’ interior are DiLink connection system and two-zone climate control.

Price range of the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition

Alright, we are ready to speak about the price range of the Song Plus Champion Edition. Its all electric version with an entry-level battery (520 km) is available in three trim levels for 169,800 – 189,800 yuan (23,700 – 26,500 USD). As for the top-trim level, it goes with a large battery for 605 km of range. Its price tag is 209,800 yuan (29,300 USD).

Speaking about the Song Plus DM-i, it has two trim levels equipped with a smaller battery for 110 km of electric range. It costs 159,800 – 169,800 yuan (22,300 – 23,700 USD). And two other versions with 150 km cost 179,800 – 189,800 yuan (25,100 – 26,500 USD).

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Source: BYD, BYD Weibo

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  1. Byd is releasing too many car models. It would be good if it concentrated on the two most interesting models for Europe, Atto 3 and Dolphin, releasing an updated version with:
    – DC charging of at least 140 kW
    – Frunk
    – Guide One Pedal
    – Plug n charge compatibility

  2. Hi,
    Any clue why BYD has launched so many Champion edition models this year?
    Even Geely has launched a Champion edition for the Emgrand.

    • I believe Champion edition is a name for 2023 cheaper and slightly facelifted models that sounds cool and can help them in the pricewar.


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