Chery Tansuo 06 with ICE engine unveiled in China. To launch internationally as Jaecoo J7

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The Chery Tansuo 06 is a “light off-road” SUV, previously known under the code name TJ-1. It is a compact crossover aimed at relatively young buyers. Nowadays, the petrol-powered version of this car was unveiled in China. Here, we will remind you that this car will also hit the international market under ‘Jaecoo J7’ name. Let’s get to some details about the Tansuo 06.

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Before we get started, let’s discuss the name of this SUV. In the Chinese language, it is called 探索06 (TanSuo 06). We can translate it as “Seeker 06” or “Explorer 06”. But, the thing is, this model is designed especially for the domestic market. And overseas buyers will get a slightly reworked car with a different styling and “Jaecoo J7” name. However, we think that it will be a good idea to keep calling this vehicle Tansuo just by doing a transliteration.

Chery Tansuo 06 name and exterior

As mentioned, the Tansuo 06 is a compact SUV. Its main feature is its blocky exterior design. It has become pretty hip in China. The very first vehicle that started this “old-school look” trend was the Tank 300 from Great Wall Motor. Then, the Haval Big Dog was launched. Now, various Chinese automakers also launch their SUVs with brawny exterior. And Chery isn’t an exception to this rule.

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But the Tansuo 06’s styling looks a bit controversial. It has large bumpers, plastic trim all over the lower part of the body and a lot of straight lines. Moreover, it has a huge rectangular grille with a giant “CHERY” inscription in it. So, you will never confuse this car with its rivals. On the other hand, it has thin LED running lights, slanted front and rear pillars and retractable door handles. It looks like Chery wanted to make their car old-school looking, but they also wanted to keep it modern. All in all, the Tansuo 06’ exterior is quite interesting. Speaking of dimensions of this vehicle, they are 4538/1898/1680 mm with a wheelbase of 2672 mm.

Chery Tansuo 06 interior and powertrain

Inside, the Tansuo 06 has a portrait-oriented floating screen with a diameter of 13.2 inches. Previously, Chery preferred to use a single block made of two screens. But now, they decided to make it different. We can also highlight an HUD and an LCD instrument panel. The center console of the Tansuo 06 got huge air vents and some chrome trim. The center tunnel here got two wireless charging pads, two cup holders and an odd-shaped retractable gear selector.

Now, let’s speak about the Tansuo 06’s powertrain. It is represented by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine for 197 hp and 290 Nm. This ICE works in pair with a 7DCT. It is available with all-wheel drive. Previously, Chery also presented a PHEV version of this car, called Tansuo 06 CD-M. The PHEV car is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and two electric motors. It looks that the petrol-powered version will reach the Chinese market first. It is interesting that this car is likely to launch overseas even faster, but under the Jaecoo J7 name.

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Jaecoo J7 basics

As mentioned, the Jaecoo J7 is an international version of the Tansuo 06. You can easily distinguish it by a changed grille that is represented with a chrome-plated grille and the absence of plastic trim in the lower part of the body. Moreover, its bumpers aren’t that huge. So, the overseas version of Tansuo 06 looks a lot closer to a typical SUV, but not a “light off-roader”. It seems that Chery wanted to make it more “normal” for the overseas markets.

Here, we should mention that the J7 will become the first car in Jaecoo brand. It will also comprise the Jaecoo J9 SUV. In various countries, these vehicles will be sold in Omoda & Jaecoo stores. Omoda is another brand under Chery that is positioned lower than the Jaecoo. Chery aims to launch Omoda & Jaecoo in over 25 countries. But it seems that the first country of their operation is Russia. Recently, the first Jaecoo J7 (Tansuo 06) was spied there, as well as the Omoda & Jaecoo store. Also, Chery is actively pushing these brands in such markets as Mexico, Philippines, Kazakhstan, etc. They also have plans for the European market, especially for Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany.

Source: Autohome, Chery Weibo, Omoda Global, Autochina24

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  1. How is it that we never see drag coefficient specs, for these now trendy two-box models?
    And one might ask how heavy is the weight of such CD ratings on (critical in China) fuel economy?


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