Six seats and 1115-km range. BAW Stone 01 revealed in official images

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The Stone 01 is an all-new full size EREV SUV from Rox Motor and BAW (Beijing Automobile Works). It has variants with six and seven seats inside. As for the powertrain, it is represented by two electric motors for 476 hp. On a single charge, the Stone 01 can drive up to 235 km (WLTC). As for the mixed range, it reaches 1,115 km of WLTC range. The Stone 01 looks like a potential competitor of the Li Auto L8.

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Stone 01 exterior official images

Let’s crack on with the exterior design of the Stone 01. As we can see in the official images, it has got brawny proportions with wide wheel arches, a high bonnet line, huge side view mirrors and a rectangular grille. It is clearly inspired by some SUVs from the XX century. However, it isn’t just an old-school SUV. It has some modern features as T-shaped LED headlights, smooth lines and floating roof. On the roof of the Stone 01, we can notice a LiDAR sensor.

From the back, the Stone 01 has also got T-shaped taillight units, a small rear window wiper and a relatively big rear bumper. It looks like this SUV has two variants at the rear end. The first one has a split tailgate, similar to the BMW X5, BMW X7, Toyota LC200 and other vehicles. And the second variant of the Stone 01 has a swing-out tailgate with a spare wheel, mounted on it. At least, it goes from the official images of this vehicle.

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Here, let’s talk about the dimensions of the Stone 01. They are 5050/1980/1869 mm with a wheelbase of 3010 mm. As for the length with a spare wheel on the rear door, it reaches 5295 mm. In terms of sizing, the Stone 01 stays close to the Li Auto L8. To be precise, the Stone 01 is 30 mm shorter, 15 mm narrower and 69 mm higher than the mentioned L8. On the other hand, its wheelbase is 5 mm longer. So, it is a pretty big SUV.

Stone 01 interior official images

Speaking about the interior design of this brawny SUV, it looks quite typical, judging by modern standards. It has got a D-shaped steering wheel with two spokes, an LCD instrument panel, and a huge center console screen. Its center tunnel has two wireless charging pads, two cup holders, a retractable gear selector and a spacious compartment. The rearview mirror of the Stone 01 can turn into the 9-inch. Moreover, there is a screen for the second-row passengers that looks quite similar to the one that LI Auto L8 and Li Auto L9 have.

Speaking about the layout of the Stone 01’s interior, it has two variants. The first one has six seats with two independent captain chairs in the second row and two seats in the third row. And the second one adds a seat in the third row. It is an unusual move to an automaker to make an additional seat in the third row. Usually, they make a bench in the second row. But this is what Stone 01’s designers have come up with. Moreover, the seven-seat version has simpler captain chairs. It looks like the seven-seat version will be the entry-level trim, while the six-seat interior will be a high-end version (or an extra package).

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Stone 01 specs

We have already spoken about this brawny SUV’s dimensions. Now it is time to discuss its powertrain. And it is the place where things become really engaging. Under the hood, the Stone 01 has 1.5-liter turbocharged ICE for 152 hp (112 kW). But this engine hasn’t got a direct connection with wheels. Instead, it acts like a generator, charging a battery or providing power directly to electric motors.

Speaking about e-motors of this EREV beast, their combined power reaches 476 hp (350 kW) with a 204-hp motor on the front axle and a 272-hp motor on the rear one. For a comparison, it is 27 hp more than the peak power output of the Li Auto L8.

As for the battery, it is the most interesting part. The Stone 01 has a 53-kWh ternary (NMC) battery from CATL on board. It is actually a big battery that can be found even in some electric vehicles. However, it is being used by the huge Stone 01. And we will make a comparison once again. The battery capacity of the Stone 01 is 12-kWh more than the Li Auto L8’s pack. As a result, the BAW-manufactured SUV can run up to 235 km of WLTC range on a single battery charge (25 km more than the Li Auto L8). As for the mixed range, it reaches 1115 km (WLTC).

The price range of the Stone 01 wasn’t disclosed yet. However, we can assume that its price will be close to the Li Auto L8 and Li Auto L9 since this SUV is their main competitor. So, it will cost about of 350,000 – 500,000 yuan (48,000 – 68,600 USD).

Briefly about Stone brand

We will remind you that the Stone 01 is the first car from Rox Motor and BAW. It was founded in 2021 by Chang Jing, the CEO and founder of the Roborock, a vacuum cleaner maker related to Xiaomi. Nowadays, Rox cooperates with lots of well-known suppliers such as CATL, Bosch and Valeo. In this project, BAW will take care of the mass production of the Stone 01. This beast will make its official debut on August 22.

Source: Stone Weibo, MIIT

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  1. “The Stone 01 is an all-new full size EREV SUV from Rox Motor and BAW..”
    Isn’t BAW just a contract assembler of the Stone? Or is it tied to Rox by a joint venture, and/or both?

    • Hi, dragn!
      How are you doing? Thank you for your comment! According to my research, BAW is in fact just a contract assembler of the Stone 01. However, I think regular Chinese buyers won’t be able to realise that it is a car from Rox Motor since the production version Stone 01 has got only BAW badges on it. Anyway, it is an important detail to highlight!


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