Want a pig nosed EV camper van?

BAW EV camper van from China with a pig nose has 90 kW electric motor and raisable tent.

Pininfarina-designed Polestones 01 EREV SUV started deliveries in China

It took 97 days to start deliveries of the Polestones 01 after the launch. This EREV SUV has 476 hp and a mixed range of 1,338 km.

Polestones 01 rolled off the production line. To rival Li Auto

The Polestones 01 is a full-size EREV SUV with 476 hp and a starting price of 47,800 USD. Its deliveries will start in China in November.

Stone 01 EREV SUV launched in China for 47,960 USD. Li Auto L8 competitor

The Stone 01 EREV SUV is here with 476 hp, 1,211 km of WLTC range and a starting price of 47,960 USD. To rival the Li Auto L8.

Six seats and 1115-km range. BAW Stone 01 revealed in official images

The BAW Stone 01 is an EREV SUV with 476 hp and 53-kWh battery, good for 235 km of WLTC range. It will make its official debut on August 22.

Interior of the Stone 01 EREV SUV revealed a huge screen. To launch in August

The interior of the Stone 01 EREV SUV from Xiaomi-related Rox Motor and BAW was exposed. The 01 has 476 hp and CATL battery.

BAW Stone 01 hardcore EREV SUV with CATL’s battery exposed on Chinese MIIT, price starts at 42,000 USD

Stone is a new brand under BAIC. Stone 01 was first created by Rox Motor. Later, due to financial problems, Rox Motor decided to cooperate with BAIC.

BAW Yuanbao 2023 model was launched, for 4,300 USD, 20% cheaper then 2022 version

The price of the 2023 BAW Yuanbao EV is reduced by 1000 USD compared to the 2022 model with similar configurations.

Modern MD12 Electric CUV Spied In China. Tesla Model Y Competitor

The Modern MD12 is a BAW manufactured EV with ambitions to become the Tesla Model Y competitor.

BAW Jiabao Electric Mini Car Launched In China, Price Starts At 6,900 USD

The car offers two CLTC cruising ranges: 122 km and 172 km. Fast charging is not supported. It takes 7 hours to fully charge.