Zeekr 007 pricing and trims leaked in China. Costs up to 47,180 USD

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The price range of the Zeekr 007 electric sedan from Geely Group leaked online in China. According to the leaked information, this model will have a wide price range of 224,900 – 334,900 yuan (31,680 – 47,180 USD). Its official launch is scheduled for January 2024.

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Zeekr is a high-end electric global brand under the Geely Group, launched in 2021. At the moment, its model line comprises three cars: Zeekr 001 (and 001 FR version), Zeekr 009, and Zeekr X. The Zeekr 007 is the brand’s first sedan that started pre-sales at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17 with a starting price of 229,900 yuan (32,390 USD). It will officially enter the market and start deliveries in January next year.

The Zeekr 007’s price range has leaked on social media today. It is unofficial information that Zeekr’s representatives didn’t prove. However, some relatively big social media accounts shared this information. Moreover, this leak has lots of detailed information, including specs details and costs of equipment packages. So, it seems true.

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Zeekr 007 pricing details

According to the leaked information, the Zeekr 007 will have four trim levels. We have listed their starting price below, without additional equipment packages or discounts. 

  • WE – 229,900 yuan (32,390 USD)
  • ME 4WD – 249,900 yuan (35,210 USD)
  • ME 2WD Long Range – 249,900 yuan (35,210 USD)
  • YOU – 314,900 yuan (44,365 USD)

Customers who book the Zeekr 007 for 1,000 yuan (140 USD) will get a 6,000 yuan (845 USD) discount after the launch. The starting price of the Zeekr 007 is 224,900 yuan (31,680 USD). 

According to leaked information, Zeekr 007 has six additional equipment packages. The entry-level model doesn’t have any of them as a standard. Moreover, WE, ME 4WD, and WE 2WD Long Range configurations can’t be equipped with the Sport package. We have made a detailed list of packages.

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  • LiDAR sensors + Nvidia Orin chip (applicable to WE, ME 4WD, ME 2WD Long Range trims; YOU trim has this package as standard) – 18,000 yuan (2,535 USD)
  • 90-inch ZEEKR STARGATE screen (applicable to WE, ME 4WD, ME 2WD Long Range trims; YOU trim has this package as standard) – 15,000 yuan (2,115 USD)
  • Electrically powered doors (applicable to WE, ME 4WD, ME 2WD Long Range trims; YOU trim has this package as standard) – 12,000 yuan (1,690 USD)
  • 20-inch forged rims (applicable to WE trim; ME 4WD, ME 2WD Long Range, and YOU trims have this package as standard) – 11,000 yuan (1,550 USD)
  • Special body color (applicable to WE trim; ME 4WD, ME 2WD Long Range, and YOU trims have this package as standard) – 2,000 yuan (280 USD)
  • Sport package (applicable to YOU trim) – 20,000 yuan (2,820 USD)

So, with all possible equipment packages added, the Zeekr 007’s price range will be around 274,900 – 334,900 yuan (38,730 – 47,180 USD). It is a huge amount of money for a mid-size sedan. But these extra packages aren’t mandatory, making the 007’s price range extremely wide. Of course, it is leaked information that has yet to be proven. But we can roughly understand this sedan’s cost policy.

For clarity, we have listed other Zeekr models’ price ranges without discounts or additional packages. So, the Zeekr 007 will sit between the Zeekr X and the Zeekr 001.

  • Zeekr 001 – 300,000 – 403,000 yuan (42,265 – 56,775 USD)
  • Zeekr X – 189,800 – 229,800 yuan (26,740 – 32,375 USD)
  • Zeekr 009 – 499,000 – 588,000 yuan (70,300 – 82,840 USD)
  • Zeekr 001 FR – 769,000 yuan (108,340 USD)

More on Zeekr 007

Zeekr 007 is a mid-size sedan with dimensions of 4865/1900/1450 mm with a wheelbase of 2928 mm. It adopts the brand-new design language made by Stefan Sielaff. Inside, the Zeekr 007 has a 15.05-inch screen powered by Kr GPT AI and a Snapdragon 8295 chip from Qualcomm.

The Zeekr 007 stands on the PMA2+ platform that derives from the SEA architecture. It has two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions.

  • 2WD, 310 kW (415 hp), 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, 870 km of CLTC range
  • 4WD, 475 kW (636 hp), 0-100 km/h in 2.84 seconds, 688 km of CLTC range

Source: Weibo

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