IM LS6 electric SUV, backed by Alibaba and SAIC, received over 28,000 firm orders one month after launch

IM LS6 is available in four cruising ranges: 560 km, 680 km, 760 km, and 702 km

IM LS6 fastback SUV from SAIC and Alibaba launched in China with 787 hp. Starts at 29,430 USD

IM LS6 is the EV fastback SUV from SAIC Group and Alibaba. It stands on the iO Origin platform bought by Audi.

Alibaba-SAIC JV’s IM LS6 all-electric SUV received 25,000 blind orders, launches on Oct 12 in China

IM Motors, which stands for "Intelligence in Motion", is a joint venture among Alibaba Group, SAIC Motor, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, established on December 25, 2020.

SAIC-Alibaba JV’s IM LS6 electric SUV has more power than Tesla Model Y

IM LS6 is also equipped with an 800V fast-charging system.

IM LS7 Electric SUV Seen On The Road In China

A four-wheel drive SUV with 578 hp for less than $52.000.

IM L7 Snake Performance Electric Sedan Official Pics

On October 18, IM Motors officially announced its L7 Snake Performance full-electric sedan which is expected to launch later this year. The L7 Snake...

IM Motors Starts Delivery Of The L7 In China, Priced At $55,114

IM Motors has commenced delivery of the IM L7 across China. The automaker announced that it had delivered the first set of L7s in...

IM L7 First Drive Review: An Electric Sedan To Rival NIO ET7

It's just 18 months since IM Motors was founded as a joint venture between SAIC, Alibaba, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, but their first model, the...

IM L7 delivery to start in April for $64,000. 100km/h in 3.9s and 11 kWh wireless charging

The awaited car IM L7 delivery will officially start from April 2022. IM L7 Angel wheel will start pre-sale at 408,800 yuan (64,000 USD)...

After taking on Tesla, Wuling launches a new EV developed with Alibaba

Wuling is recently full of surprises. Last week they announced plans for global expansion, and yesterday they unveiled a new EV co-developed with Alibaba....