Xpeng G6 undercuts Tesla Model Y in Europe as it opened for orders

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Chinese Xpeng opened orders for the G6 SUV coupe in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. It is the third Xpeng-branded car offered in Europe. The Xpeng G6 undercuts the Tesla Model Y, aiming to get a part of its market share. However, it has already lost the war against the Model Y in the domestic market.

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Xpeng booth at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Xpeng is a well-known Chinese startup founded in 2014. It has rapidly become popular in China, getting the nickname “Chinese Tesla”. However, in recent years, Xpeng sales have declined in China due to fierce competition and the price war. Last year, this brand launched its latest model, the Xpeng G6, which was aimed at competing with the Tesla Model Y.

In mid-to-late 2023, Xpeng G6 sold over 7,000 units monthly. However, the sales volume of the G6 slid down to 1,000 – 2,000 units in 2024. So, Xpeng has failed in its war against the Model Y in the domestic market. But now, they want to take revenge in Europe. 

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Xpeng G6 in Europe

The Xpeng G6 is available for order in four European countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Last year, its officials also announced plans to enter the UK, Germany, and France. Its sales will start later this year.

As expected, the European Xpeng G6 has the lowest price tag in Norway. Here, it costs only 410,000 NOK (37,700 USD). However, the Tesla Model Y is also relatively cheap here, starting at 409,990 NOK (37,700 USD). So, the G6 and Model Y prices in Norway are on par. However, the situation is different in other countries.

In Sweden, the entry-level G6 costs 529,900 SEK (49,100 USD). For comparison, the entry-level Model Y starts from 534,170 SEK (49,500 USD). As for the Netherlands, the G6 costs here 42,990 EUR (46,300 USD). And the Model Y starts from 45,990 EUR (49,500 USD) here. In Denmark, the G6 starts from 339,900 DKK (49,050 USD). 

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Xpeng G6 specs

The Xpeng G6 is an SUV coupe based on the SEPA 2.0 architecture. Its exterior styling follows the brand’s latest design language. It is a mid-size crossover with dimensions of 4753/1920/1650 mm and a wheelbase of 2890 mm, which is almost the same as the Model Y in terms of sizing.

The Xpeng G6 will be offered in Europe with three powertrain options. The first one has a single electric motor for 190 kW (254 hp) on the rear axle. It is powered by a 66-kWh LFP battery, which is good for 435 km of WLTP range. 

The second variant of the Xpeng G6 has a 210-kW (282 hp) e-motor on the rear axle. The bigger ternary NMC battery for 87.5 kWh supplies power to this e-motor. Its WLTP range reaches 570 km. The top trim level of the G6 has two electric motors with a combined peak power of 350 kW (469 hp). The battery is the same for 87.5 kWh. The range is 550 km WLTP.

The Xpeng G6 has five exterior colors: white, black, gray, silver, orange. Its interior is offered in two options: black and gray. The G6 comes standard with R20 wheels. 

Editor’s comment

The Xpeng G6 is a bit cheaper than the Model Y in the Netherlands and Sweden. However, its main drawback is its lack of brand power. Tesla also has some valuable benefits, such as a well-developed charging infrastructure and an extensive sales network. So, it will be challenging for the G6 to gain a firm sales position. 

Source: Xpeng

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  1. Great news ..since it is actually the car I would probably buy. The different between Model Y and G6 is, the G6 has better interior materials, I like more the design.

    • The cruising range of the Xpeng G6 can generally reach or even exceed WLTP during daily commuting; when cruising at 100 – 120 km/h, the 87.5 kWh version typically has a cruising range of around 480 km (85% WLTP) (based on more than 9000 km of my own G6 driving experience).

  2. The first Xpeng (“xaopeng”?) arrived in Norway in 2020 – it was the model G3. 2 years later the G3i was introduced, which was an upgraded model og the G3. Then the P7 in middle og June 2023. The G9 last autumn (2023), and finally now it is possible to start ordering the G6.

    That means the G6 is the fifth model of Xpeng – at least in Norway which also belong to Europe. :))

  3. Denis, I totally agree with you – it will be a really difficult challenge to sell the G6 in competition with the Tesla Y. The price difference need to be at least 5000 EUR less than the Model Y.


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