Avatr 07 from Changan, CATL, and Huawei revealed specs

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Chinese MIIT revealed the specs of the Avatr 07 crossover from Changan, CATL, and Huawei in China. It is a mid-size new energy vehicle available in BEV and EREV variants. The Avatr 07 has up to 590 hp and LFP batteries from CATL. Its EREV version has up to 188 km of electric range. The Avatr 07 was previously known by the code name Avatr 15.

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Avatr is a joint project between Changan, CATL, and Huawei. Changan owns 40% of this JV, and CATL holds over 17%. Huawei doesn’t have shares in the project. Instead, it acts as the key parts supplier. Moreover, Huawei is one of the creators of the CHN architecture. However, Avatr 07 revealed that Huawei became less relevant in this project.

Avatr 07 specs

All-electric variant of the Avatr 07

The Avatr 07 was previously revealed in official images. As mentioned, it is a mid-size crossover that aims to compete with the Tesla Model Y. Its styling was created by Nader Faghihzadeh, the designer responsible for the exterior of the new BMW 7 Series. The Avatr 07 follows the design language of the Avatr 12. Its front end adopts two-tier LED running lights with headlights integrated into the front bumper. It also has optional cameras instead of side-view mirrors and two thin taillight units.

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Dimensions of the Avatr 07 are 4825/1980/1620 mm with a wheelbase of 2940 mm. It is 75 mm longer, 59 mm wider, and 4 mm lower than the Tesla Model Y. Its front and rear tracks are 1680 and 1690 mm, respectively. The Avatr 07’s approach and departure angles are 17 and 21 degrees. As for the overhangs, they are 902 and 983 mm. It can be equipped with 255/50 R20 or 265/45 R21 wheels. Inside, the Avatr 07 has 5 seats. Depending on the powertrain, its curb weight lies in 2240 – 2434 kg.

Avatr 07 powertrain options

The entry-level version of the all-electric variant Avatr 07 adopts a single XTDM39 e-motor in the rear axle. In contrast with other Avatr-branded cars, this electric motor isn’t manufactured by Huawei. Its manufacturer is Deepal Technology, a company under Changan. The RWD Avatr 07’s peak power reaches 252 kW (338 hp). An LFP battery manufactured by CATL powers it. Its top speed reaches 200 km/h.

The 4WD variant of the electric Avatr 07 also refused to adopt electric motors from Huawei. It has the XTDM39 electric motor from Deepal in the rear axle and the XYDM05 e-motor from Chongqing Tsingshan Industrial in the front. Its peak power is 188 kW and 252 kW, respectively. The total power of the Avatr 07 reaches 440 kW (590 hp). These e-motors are also powered by an LFP pack from CATL. Its top speed is 200 km/h.

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Speaking about Avatr 07 EREV, its RWD variant adopts the ATDM01 electric motor in the rear axle for 231 kW (310 hp). It is powered by a 39-kWh LFP battery from CATL, suitable for 188 km of electric range. Under the hood, this version has a 1.5-liter JL469ZQ1 ICE from Changan with a peak power of 115 kW (154 hp). The 4WD variant of the Avatr 07 adopts two electric motors (AYDM01/ATDM01) with a combined power of 362 kW (485 hp). It is powered by the same battery for 178 km of electric range. The top speed of Avatr 07 EREV is limited to 190 km/h.

The Avatr 07 will enter the Chinese market in Q3 this year. Its price range is revealed to be around 250,000 – 350,000 yuan (34,600 – 48,400 USD). 

Source: MIIT

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