China emerges as top car supplier in Israel

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Recent data released by the Israel Vehicle Importers Association reveals that Chinese car brands have taken the lead in Israel’s auto market for the first half of 2024, making China the top car supplier to Israel.

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According to the data, from January to June this year, Chinese automotive companies sold 34,601 fuel and electric vehicles in Israel. Korean and Japanese brands followed, selling 27,187 and 23,185 cars, respectively. It was reported in early January that Chinese EVs led the way in Israel in 2023.

Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) have made a particularly strong impact, capturing 68.31% of Israel’s EV market share during the same period, with 26,803 units sold. Among the Chinese brands, BYD emerged as the top-selling brand, with six models collectively selling 10,178 vehicles. The BYD Atto 3 (see specs) stood out as Israel’s best-selling model in the first half of 2024, achieving sales of 7,265 units.

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This marks a significant shift from previous years. In 2023, Chinese electric vehicles saw total sales of 29,402 units in Israel, more than double the sales from 2022, and accounted for approximately 61% of Israel’s EV market share.

The surge in Chinese car sales in Israel can be attributed to several factors. Chinese automakers have been aggressively expanding their global presence, offering a range of competitively priced, high-quality electric and fuel vehicles. This expansion is despite an influx of recent tariffs imposed by countries around the world. Additionally, the growing consumer interest in electric vehicles, driven by environmental concerns and government incentives, has further bolstered the popularity of Chinese EVs.

BYD’s success, particularly with the ATTO 3 model, underscores the increasing acceptance and demand for Chinese automotive technology. As the trend continues, Chinese car brands will likely maintain their stronghold in Israel’s auto market for the foreseeable future.

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The first half of 2024 has seen Chinese car brands not only dominate the Israeli automotive market but also set new benchmarks in electric vehicle sales, highlighting a significant shift in consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Source: ChinaGC

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