Geely’s Zeekr 7X revealed in China as a 4.8-meter EV SUV

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The Zeekr CX1E was officially revealed as the Zeekr 7X. It is an SUV variant of the 007 sedan (see specs). Now, Zeekr can be legitimately called a brand with the most inconsistent naming. Jokes aside, the Zeekr 7X is a 4.8-meter electric crossover aimed to compete with the Tesla Model Y.

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Zeekr is a high-end brand under Geely Group that raised 441 million USD on a New York IPO this year. Its sales volume is high in China, with over 87,000 units delivered in January-June. However, naming was always a drawback of Zeekr-branded models. Its current line comprises the 001 liftback, the 009 minivan, the X crossover, and the 007 sedan. This year Zeekr plans to launch the Mix MPV and the 7X SUV. The latter was officially revealed today.

Zeekr 7X name

The Zeekr CX1E was previously rumored to be called Ark. However, this information appeared false. Instead, Zeekr released the CX1E under the 7X name. It isn’t surprising this car has a “7” digit in its name since the CX1E was always referred to as an SUV-variant of the Zeekr 007 sedan. However, it doesn’t make much sense why it is called 7X but not 007X or 007 Cross, for instance.

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zeekr ex1e suv rolls royce cullinan
AI-made render image of the Zeekr EX1E

Bearing in mind Zeekr also works on two more crossovers that will debut next year; the 7X can become the first model under the X series. In this case, the Zeekr DX1E and EX1E models could adopt 8X and 9X names.

However, there is one more problem with the name of the Zeekr 7X. It was spotted during road tests in Europe, where Zeekr already sells two models (001 and X). It means the Zeekr 7X will enter European soil to compete with local electric cars after the sales start in China.

But we remember Audi’s lawsuit against Nio in Europe when the German automaker accused Nio that its model names ES6 and ES8 were too similar to S6 and S8. Audi claimed Nio violated its trademark rights and won the case. As a result, Nio was forced to rename its models to EL6, EL7, and EL8 in Europe. Back to Zeekr 7X, the overlap with the BMW X7 is even more obvious. It leaves Zeekr a one-in-a-million chance to keep the “7X” name in Europe.

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More on Zeekr 7X

Zeekr 7X unofficial render image made by Autohome

The Zeekr 7X stands on the PMA2+ platform derived from SEA modular architecture. Its dimensions are 4825/1930/1656 mm with a wheelbase of 2925 mm. It is 75 mm longer, 10 mm wider, and 32 mm higher than the Tesla Model Y. The exterior styling of the Zeekr 7X stays in line with the brand’s latest design language called “Hidden Energy”. Its main feature is the Zeekr Stargate interactive screen integrated into the front end.

The entry-level Zeekr 7X will adopt Geely’s “Golden Brick” LFP battery with a volume utilization of 80%. Thanks to a high-voltage 800V system, it can charge 500 km of range in 15 minutes. More expensive variants of the Zeekr 7X will offer a ternary NMC battery developed by CATL. The new SUV can adopt the powertrain from the 007 sedan. It means the entry-level 7X is RWD with 310 kW (416 hp), and the 4WD variant has a combined power output of 475 kW (636 hp).

The Zeekr 7X will enter the Chinese market this year with a price range of 240,000 – 350,000 yuan (33,050 – 48,200 USD). Its main competitors are the Tesla Model Y, Li Auto L6, Onvo L60, BYD Sea Lion 07, and more.

Source: Zeekr

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  1. Next models in their lineup going to be 8Q RS, 63 SLG GMA and their top model which will compete with Rolls Royce Cullinan will be named ZEEKR Nanilluc X


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