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SWM Big Tiger EDi Is The Cheapest Chinese EREV SUV

How about an EREV SUV with 7 seats, 51 km of electric range, a BYD battery and a price tag under 15,000 USD? Please welcome: SWM Big Tiger EDi

Fengon Landian E5 Hybrid SUV Officially Unveiled In China With 1150km Cruising Range

Another Chinese vehicle equipped with BYD's hybrid system from Fudi Industrial.

SWM Big Tiger Chinese SUV With Italian Roots Gets EREV Version And 1000 KM Of Range

The SWM Big Tiger ED-i is a crossover with Italian roots and BYD tech for 14,550 USD. Let's get to know it better.

BYD Yangwang R1 Off-Road SUV Will Unveil on January 5 In China

This much anticipated hardcore SUV is almost here!

Wey’s New Commercial MPV To Unveil At The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show In April

Earlier in April 2022, Wey announced its plan to launch four new models, which included two new MPVs, to meet different consumer demands. Now, it looks like this plan has been delayed.

Wey Lanshan DHT-PHEV Unveiled At The 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show In China

The Lanshan DHT-PHEV is over 5.1 meters long!

Haval H-Dog PHEV SUV at the 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show In China

The car is expected to be renamed from H-Dog to "Hound Dog", "Thunder Dog", or "Lightning Dog" for its official launch.

Great Wall Tank 500 PHEV SUV At The 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show In China

When in the hybrid mode under full charge, its WLTC fuel consumption is as low as 2.3L/100km.

Kaiyi Kunlun SUV Pre-Sale Starts At 15,300 USD In China, Official Launch In Feb 2023

It comes in three engine options: 1.5T, 1.6T, and 2.0T.