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NIO Applies for ‘NIO Phone’ Trademark in China

NIO's much awiated smartphone launch is now closer than ever.

Nio ET7 received a B rating from China Consumer Research and Testing Center

Recently, China Automotive Consumer Research and Testing Center (CCRT) tested the Nio ET7 sedan and awarded it with a B rating (85.8% overall score)....

China Exported More Than 2.7 Million Vehicles In The First 11 Months of 2022

In Europe, one out of every ten new energy vehicles comes from China!

100th NIO House Opened in Shanghai

The NIO House is a unique experience center/showroom where users can purchase a car and experience the 'NIO lifestyle.'

Nio will roll out swap stations in the UK in 2023, according to executive

"We are actively seeking sites throughout all cities in the UK to host our Power Swap Stations, so if you are a landowner or CPO interested in learning more, please do get in touch," Sand posted

NIO Delivers Record 15,815 Vehicles in December, 40,052 Vehicles in Q4

NIO managed to hit an all-time high despite a covid outbreak and supply chain problems.

NIO Launches 10th Battery Swap Station in Europe

NIO plans to launch 120 power station in Europe by the end of 2023.

Nio EC7 and Nio ES8 NT2 officially hit the market, and Nio Phone teased in Hefei

William Li: "Someone asked me when we launch MPV and I want to say - this is much better then MPV!"

Nio day 2022: Live stream & All you need to know

Nio day live stream with comments