Changan CS75 Plus

Changan 4th-generation CS75 Plus is almost ready for launch

The new Changan CS75 Plus is still a gasoline-powered vehicle. Launch is expected to be later this year.

New Changan CS75 Plus iDD plug-in hybrid compact SUV unveiled in China

It is set to compete directly with BYD Song PLUS DM-i SUV.

Third-Generation Changan CS75 Plus iDD PHEV SUV Unveiled In China

With a full fuel tank and full charge, the car has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1200 km.

Changan Oshan X7 Plus Red Edition unveiled with a pretty look

Recently, the Changan Oshan X7 Plus Red Edition unveiled. The car will be launched on March 4 and limited to 777 units. Look at...

Changan CS75 PLUS Starts Pre-sale With An Fascinating Upgrade

The new Changan CS75 PLUS started its pre-sale, ranging from 127,900 - 154,900 yuan ($20,200 - $24,500). Compared to the old model, the new...

New Changan CS75 Plus SUV Unveiled In China

This is the new Changan CS75 Plus, ready to be launched on the Chinese car market in early 2022. The new CS75 Plus features...