Deepal SL03

Mazda EZ-6 revealed in China and ready for sales

MIIT listing information reveals more details about the Mazda EZ-6 which comes in EV and EREV versions and will launch soon.

2024 Deepal SL03 EV Launches in China

Price cuts and new range versions for the 2024 year model of the Deepal SL03 EV sedan from Chang'an

Deepal SL03i and S7i, backed by CATL and Huawei, will offer advanced driving assistance features

The new cars can realize memory parking assist by remembering the route the human has parked previously.

CATL-Huawei’s Deepal SL03i and S7i will launch on October 27

The SL03i and S7i will come standard with advanced driving assistance functionalities.

Chinese EV brand Deepal sets a new record as it sells first 100,000 units in 14 months

The brand's S7 reached 10,000 units per month delivery milestone faster than any other model before.

Changan Deepal SL03 sedan delivered 50,000 units in 9 months in China

149,900 yuan (21,700 USD) will buy this EV developed by Huawei, CATL and Changan.

Changan Deepal SL03 price dropped by 6,000 USD in China. Starting at 21,400 USD

Deepal has dropped the SL03 sedan jointly developped with CATL and Huawei by 3,160 USD. They also offer a gift package that costs 2,880 USD.