Dongfeng eπ 007 electric sedan with 1,200 km range and scissor doors will start pre-sale on Jan 16 in China

eπ is an electric vehicle brand under Dongfeng. The eπ 007 will be available in EV and EREV versions.

Dongfeng files for M-Hero M800 EREV off-road beast in China

M-Hero M800 is a 5.1-meter off-road beast with an EREV powertrain and CATL battery. Inside, it has four seats.

Voyah Passion PHEV entered China with 530 hp for just 35,380 USD

The Voyah Passion PHEV is a huge high-end sedan that can run up to 1,260 km and speed up to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.

Dongfeng’s M-Hero 917 with 142 kWh battery prepares for export to Europe and the Middle East

The 1,088 horsepower hardcore SUV is getting ready for global markets.

Dongfeng Forthing U-Tour V9 to go on sale in Q1 next year

Dongfeng's upcoming MPV, Forthing U-Tour V9, should go on sale in the first quarter of the next year, local media reported citing manufacturer.

Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV with 430 km range pre-sale starts at 11,000 USD in China

Nammi is a new energy vehicle brand under Dongfeng, focusing on small electric cars, and aims to achieve an annual sales goal of 400,000 units by 2025.

Voyah Passion PHEV pre-sales in China at 36,670 USD with 1,260-km range

The Voyah Passion PHEV has up to 1,260 km of mixed range, 530 hp and 810 Nm. It has hit pre-sales in China and starts at 36,670 USD.

Dongfeng eπ 007 electric sedan with 1,200 km range debuts in China

eπ is a new energy vehicle sub-brand under Dongfeng. The 007 is eπ's first model available in pure electric and range-extender versions.

Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia releases 140,000 USD hydrogen car

The fuel cell electric car carries BYD's lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery.