Shenlan S7

CATL-Huawei-Changan JV’s Shenlan S7 interior specs revealed, has a holographic extended-range reality system

The co-pilot sun visor is replaced by a touch screen for entertainment.

CATL-Huawei-Changan JV’s Shenlan S7 electric SUV rolled off production line in China

Shenlan S7 offers extended range, pure electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric versions; will compete with BYD Song Plus DM-i.

Shenlan S7 Electric SUV Unveiled In China

Stylish new SUV gets EV and EREV versions and a 23,600 USD base price.

CATL, Huawei, and Changan’s venture Shenlan exposed S7 electric SUV

Shenlan is not their first joint project, they also cooperate on Avatr brand