Voyah Passion

Voyah Passion PHEV entered China with 530 hp for just 35,380 USD

The Voyah Passion PHEV is a huge high-end sedan that can run up to 1,260 km and speed up to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.

Voyah Passion PHEV pre-sales in China at 36,670 USD with 1,260-km range

The Voyah Passion PHEV has up to 1,260 km of mixed range, 530 hp and 810 Nm. It has hit pre-sales in China and starts at 36,670 USD.

Voyah Zhuiguang (Passion) PHEV version specs were unveiled in China

The Voyah Passion (AKA Zhuiguang) PHEV's specs were unveiled in China with 25.6-kWh CATL battery for 101 km of electric range.