Xiaomi Auto

Xiaomi’s first SUV spotted road-testing, with Ferrari Purosangue’s proportions

Spy shots have emerged of a new Xiaomi MX11 SUV. It echos the design elements of the Xiaomi SU7 yet resembles the Ferrari Purosangue at the same time.

Xiaomi SU7 to gain smart City NOA and other upgrades from June 6 in China

Xiaomi SU7 cars on June 6 will gain an OTA. One of the key changes is the introduction of City NOA. June also marks other changes for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi SU7 life cycle is not just 200,000 kilometers

Xiaomi Auto talks about testing of the SU7 and says that the lifespan of a car is more than 200,000 kilometers.

Xiaomi SU7 breaks down after 39 kilometers and cannot be repaired

Xiaomi SU7 drives 39 kilometers, breaks down and cannot be repaired. Amazingly driver wants a new car rather than a refund!

Xiaomi expects 5%-10% margin on SU7 with 100k unit sales

As of April 20th, SU7's firm order volume has exceeded 70,000 units.

Xiaomi applied for Gigafactory and EV Hyperfactory trademarks in China

Xiaomi announced it entry into automotive manufacturing in March 2021, with the goal to become one of the top five vehicle manufacturers.

Xiaomi might be planning range extenders as phone maker recruits EREV engineers

The media speculated earlier Xiaomi might build range extender as MS11 is a rather long car.

Xiaomi preparing to present its first car model this year, unnamed inside source

Xiaomi might present its first car as early as October.

Xiaomi started trial production a month ago, currently produces 50 units per week, inside source

Xiaomi to get all production licenses by the year end, mass production in a few months.

Xiaomi started recruitment for its Beijing plant, HR contractor says

Xiaomi started recruiting factory workers for its Beijing plant at the beginning of August. The phone maker is looking for over 100 people and the recruitment process is very fast, local media outlet.