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Xiaomi Auto

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun expects to sell 10 million EVs annually

Xiaomi Auto founder Lei Jun aims to ship more than 10 million EVs annually. Let's get to the latest Xiaomi updates.

SC-01 Is Chinese EV Roadster Backed By Xiaomi With 435 HP For 41,950 USD

This is the SC-01 – a mysterious newcomer in a low-priced electric sports car segment. It is made by a little-known company in which...

Xiaomi’s EV Prototype To Debut In August

Xiaomi Automobile’s first prototype will debut in August 2022, according to Chinse media Xcar. This marks a significant milestone for Xiaomi’s Smart Electric Vehicle...

No, Xiaomi Didn’t Announce First Car To Debut In Q3 2022

Information about the debut of Xiaomi’s first concept car in Q3 this year has blown a lot of media. Chinese news agency Shouji Zhongguo...