New Car: BYD G3

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BYD Automotive cannot stop throwing sedans at the market and why would they, the F3 and F6 are selling like hot rice. This new G3 will slot right in between those two cars, it is based on the F3 but is more luxurious in look and feel.

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The G3 comes with a 1.5L Mitsubishi engine and BYD’s own 1.8L. Price from 56.800 rmb to 76.800 rmb. Not much, BYD’s come cheap, some say the factory doesn’t make much profit because it only cares about winning market share. Warren wouldn’t mind I guess, he can wait for a while and the stockprice went way up anyway.

The dash still loox cheap but the colors do their very best to make the atmosphere a bit better. The chairs try very hard with that great looking  fakeleather, it is almost Bentlyesque. It might be another hit for BYD it they can explain why the car fits in their line up. So far, they can’t: BYD forgot to mention the G3 on it’s website. Bu hao bu hao…

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