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Audi Q7 Police Car from China

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A policecar can never be big enough. Police, or rather a fortunate boss, got himself a 1.65 million rmb Audi Q7 4.2. Chinese, still not the richest in the world, criticize the government, but not too loud of course, for spending their tax money in such a way. This particulair car was seen by spotmen 3 times, they all posted their picture on the web to show their ‘anger’. At the same time they love the car and indeed, a fine piece of machinery is it.

Numberplate says ‘B2000’, a rare kind of a number even for policemen. On the side of the car the characters 公安, meaning ‘public peace’. Peace though, is easily disturbed by the roar of that mighty German V8.

A clear view on the front tells the car’s home: it is Hebei (河北) province, disclosed bij the small character ‘北’ on the left-upper corner of the number plate. Got you, Hebeiman!

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