Spy Shots: SouEast V3 Sport

Published on July 7, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

SouEast is a joint venture between China’s Fujian Auto, Taiwan’s Yulon Motor en Japan’s Mitsubishi. SouEast makes various Mitsubishi’s for the Chinese market and also makes vehicles under the SouEast-name, all based on Mitsubishi platforms. The V3 is a compact sedan based on the old Lancer. Although very cheap, from 60.000 yuan, it doesn’t sell very well.

SouEast hopes to improve sales a bit with this sporty V3. It got big wings all over and will so likely be heavier, to make it faster than the normal V3 it needs a bigger engine. But no word on that. Standard car has a 1.5 with 88kw and 143nm, weight is 1150kg. Sporty V3 will hit la market somewhere next month.

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