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Smart police car from China

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An interesting police car from the great city of Jinan in Shandong Province. It is absolutely the first Smart police car I have ever seen in da country but something else is strange. The word ‘police’ is written in English, normally it is written in Chinese characters and English. On toppathat this Smart has civilian license plates instead of while police plates.

Smart police car from China

Netizens therefore thought this was a fake police car, no matter the police woman inside and the police lights up front. Fake police cars are indeed quite common in China, driven by bad man who hope to fool the real police and traffic cams.

After this police Smart went up the internet the Jinan local government declared that it was indeed a real police car but still under evaluation. If good, they will buy more, with police plates.That didn’t do much good because the Smart is an expensive car in China, it costs over 114.000 yuan for a very basic model. A big China-made SUV which van seat 5 officers is available from 70.000 yuan. Not sure so, whether Jinan will make the deal…

Smart police car from China

Criminals hide, here comes a police woman in a Smart!

Via: MOP.com.

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