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China EV Daily (Sep 13): smart partners with Tianqi Lithium, Lotus unveils electric Emeya, NIO and Honeycomb Energy plan battery joint venture

EU checks China's low-cost EVs. smart gets a big investor. Lotus has a fast new car. NIO works on a new kind of battery.

Geely-Mercedes’s Smart #3 started deliveries in China only 20 days following the launch

China speed at its best. Also #3 top trim has 422 HP.

Mercedes-Geely JV’s Smart #1 EV launched in France, will also launch in more European markets

Smart #1 will also be launched in more European markets including Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Geely-Mercedes venture launched Smart #3 EV in China. Starts at 29,700 USD, 555 km range

Smart #3 is coming to Europe in 2024. Top trim level have acceleration 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes-Geely JV Smart delivered 4,390 #1 SUVs in April, ending six months of growth

From the press release: Geely is resposnible for the manufacturing and tech ... Mercedes designed a virtual assistant, Cheetah, and created to it 40 action images and 6 exclusive action images.

Smart #3 EV arrived at the dealer in China, European launch set for the beginning of 2024

Smart is a brand owned by Mercedes and Geely. Mercedes takes care of the exterior and interior design, and Geely about manufacturing and tech.

Mercedes-Geely JV’s Smart #1 EV delivered 12,697 units in Q1 2023 in China

The Smart #1 model has delivered 21,909 units in China since its launch in September 2022. The price is 26,000 - 40,500 USD.

Smart #3 Spied In The Wild In China. To Launch This Year

The Smart #3 spied in China during road tests. Let's get acquainted with it.

Entry Level Smart #1 With LFP Battery Exposed In China. To Debut This Year

The entry level Smart #1 is ready to hit the Chinese market with RWD and an LFP battery for 400 km of range. Let's get to it.

Smart #1 & Wey Coffee 02 Earn 5-Stars In Euro-NCAP Ratings

Have Chinese automakers now mastered the art of building reliable cars?