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Smart #1 & Wey Coffee 02 Earn 5-Stars In Euro-NCAP Ratings

Have Chinese automakers now mastered the art of building reliable cars?

Smart #1 Pulse Launched In China With 535 km Range, Priced At 32,100 USD

In October 2022, 1,629 Smart #1 were sold in China, according to the brand.

Smart #3 Unveiled In China With 428 hp And 4WD

The Smart #3 is real in China with 428 horses, all-wheel drive, and the body length of 4.4 meters. Let's get to know it better.

Mercedes-Geely Join Venture Smart #1 Pulse To Launch On Nov 18 In China

Smart #1 is on a roll to launch more variants.

Smart #1 Delivery Starts On September 23 In China

The official delivery of the first batch of the new Smart #1 EV will start on September 23. It was launched in China earlier...

Smart #1 Brabus Performance Edition To Launch On August 26 In China

This is the Smart #1 Brabus Performance Edition. The car will appear at the 2022 Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition in China on August 26,...

The New Smart #1 EV Launched In China with 560 km range, starts at $28,500

Smart #1 was launched in China yesterday, the 6th of June,2022. The new model, a pure electric SUV, is designed by Mercedes Benz based...

Smart #1: Every China-spec Version Unveiled

The new Smart #1 was unveiled in April. Today we have photos of every trim level for the China-spec version of the Smart #1....

Smart #1 EV Crossover Launched in China for 29,000-35,000 USD

The Smart #1 is launched in China with two trim levels for 29,000 USD and 35,000 USD, respectively. These are only pre-sale prices, while the official cost...

Smart #2 Brabus HC11 Electric SUV Coupe Spied in China

The new electric Smart vehicle, code-named HC11, was spied in the wild. It is based on Geely’s SEA platform and got a performance version...