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Crash Time! Rolls Royce Phantom hits a Garbage Truck in China

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This is the second crash involving a Rolls Royce Phantom in China within eight days. In the earlier accident in Nanjing a Phantom was hit by a SouEast Lioncel. Now we are in the great city of Jinghong in Yunnan Province where a black Roller hit a garbage truck.

Rolls Royce Phantom crash China

Fortunately nobody got hurt. Garbage truck seems not too badly damaged. Roller is, repair will cost an estimated 1 million yuan, car costs around 12 million yuan. Phantom will likely stink a bit as well. According to police the Phantom driver was to blame for the accident, he tried to overtake another truck at a point where that was not allowed.  Garbage truck has sweet palm trees painted on the side, still stinks…

Via: MSN, Sinocars.

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