Spy Shots: Zotye A00 = Zotye Z100

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The Zotye A00 is a new mini car from China and an almost perfect copy of the Suzuki Alto. New spy shots reveal its real name: Zotye Z100. The Z100 will likely debut at the Beijing Auto Show where it will stand alongside the new Zotye Z300 which is an almost perfect copy of the Toyota Allion.

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Zotye Z100 China

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Z100 1.0. Price will start around 30.000 yuan.

Zotye Z100 China

Earlier spy shot from the Z100. Compare:

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Suzuki Alto China

The Suzuki Alto, made in China by the Chang’an-Suzuki joint venture.

Chinese automotive media is getting less tolerant with copy-cats than before. Articles nowadays say a certain car is a copy from another, this is already a big change compared to a few years ago when the problem was ignored. Still, Chinese media shows some understanding. An ‘editor’s note’ on this Zotye says (translated by Google):

The independent carmakers are in the early stages of development, imitation is an inevitable stage in which we can all understand. We just hope that the independent development of independent manufacturers will go faster, rather than to imitate.

Let’s look at the dashboard:

Zotye Z100 China

Zotye Z100.

Suzuki Alto. It is 100% the same, up to the center console, air conditioning vents, three-spoke steering wheel and even the seats. As usual Zoyte will likely get away with this in the legal way. But Chinese car buyers are also less tolerant than before and know very well what is a copy and what is not. Zotye is a very small player on the Chinese car market today and will probably remain so.

Via: Autohome.

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  1. Tycho you once told us that,

    “Jiangnan Automotive made the Suzuki Alto under license in China from around 1995 up until 2009 when production stopped. Recently however, they brought it back yet again.”

    I realize that you were referring to the old Alto model but as you know, Zotye owns Jiangnan so perhaps there is still some tie-up with Suzuki that applies here. Is that possible?

    Anyway, Suzuki apparently worked hard in China for years, but now appears to be on the outs.


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