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A Chrysler 300C marriage limousine thinks it is a Bentley in China

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Here we have a very fine Chrysler 300C weeding limousine that thinks it is a Bentley, note badge above the grill. Sure it ain’t no Bentley but a big machine it is, over 9 meters of wedding-misery with flowers all over and a discotheque inside. This car is so fine I would almost divorce and get married again to have a ride…

Chrysler 300C marriage limousine

Y’almost got me fooled.The 300C was made in China by the Beijing-Chrysler joint venture from 2006 until late 2009. This marriage limousine however was imported from the US but the  Bentley-badges are very sure Chinese.

Chrysler 300C marriage limousine

A happy couple, happy for now.

Chrysler 300C marriage limousine

Driving around town with the family, happiness already fading away.

This fine car lives somewhere in Beijing. I am going to find the company that has it and have a chat with the wife tonight.


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  1. Chrysler themselves offered this grille as an option.

    I think there are more 300s with the Bentley grille than the other grille here in the US.


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