Spy Shots: Roewe E1 EV testing in China again

Published on March 15, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Roewe E1 EV

The best spy shots so far of the Roewe E1, a small full-electric city car that will debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April. New reports from Chinese media seems to confirm what we suspected all along; there will also be an MG-version of the E1 that will debut later.

Roewe E1 EV

Top speed is 120km/h, 0-100km/h takes 16 seconds. Range is 135km, fast charging takes 30 minutes for 80% power from a 16kwh lithium iron phosphate battery. Charging on 220V takes 8 hours. Weight is 1040kg. Biggest question is the price about which Roewe has said completely nothing yet. Since this is a new vehicle for China making an educated guess is difficult, so I won’t.

Roewe E1 EV

Via: QQ.

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