Crash Time China: Honda Fit vs Mercedes-Benz G55, Honda wins

China car crash

Here we have an interesting Crash from China. It happened early this morning on a road not far from the airport in Nanjing. One Honda Fit crashed full into the side of a massive Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG. The Benz is a much heavier vehicle than the tiny Honda, still, the G55 flipped over all da way and landed flat on its roof.

China car crash

The Honda-driver was slightly injured and was taken to a nearby hospital, the Benz-driver was all-right. Eye witnesses at the scene said the G55 ignored a red light. Dangerous roads out there in Nanjing… Police is still investigating the accident bus it seems the Benz-driver got to explain something, and then he has to get his car back on its feet.

Via: Weibo.

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