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Introducing the (likely only) CEstar Smart electric sportscar from China

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In January I wrote an article about a company called Binzhou Pride. They made strange looking vehicles based on existing Chinese cars. It wasn’t a success, the company died in 2008. Binzhou’s designer however was actually quite good, if not a bit mad.

Just before Binzhou’s end he created a prototype for an extremely low and streamlined sportsmachine. The design survived Binzhou and was somehow transformed into an electric car that was called the ‘CEstar Smart’.

Cstar Smart

CEstar is based in Shandong Province, Binzhou was also from Shandong. CEstar makes all kind of small electric cars, most of them very ugly. Check this Happy Baby, or this Cougar, and what about the Erini? Well, the Flever is all right, but the Smart is absolutely the very best of the line. Question however is: was it actually produced? It is easy to find many more pics from Cstar’s other fine vehicles, but nothing more appears from the Smart.

Cstar Smart

We know it was offered in 2008 on China’s biggest e-commerce website Taobao for 6000 yuan, or 950 USD in today’s rate. Not too much money for such a fantastic looking space ship. But again, was it real? A new search on Taobao finds a lot of weird electric cars, but no CEstar Smart.  CEstar’s Chinese language website doesn’t show the Smart in the product line-up.

Sadly, it seems the Smart wasn’t produced after all. The one offered in 2008 might have been the only prototype. I wonder who has it now, I would sure buy it back for 6000! For what it is worth, well a lot, the tech-specs:

Size is 2700/1300/1450. Range is max 65km. Top speed is 80km/h. Power is 40hp. No other info on the engine. Transmission is a ‘pedal CVT’. Weight is 660kg. Charging takes max 8 hours. Battery: 48V 100AH.

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  1. The 80’s called, they want their car back. Seriously. But at least it looks cool! I would love to see a ton of these driving around in the city!


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