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Ferrari 599 in matte-black from China is a Japanese t-shirt

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Here we have a dangerous Ferrari 599 in matte-black, seen in central Beijing on a rainy day. The 599 has a scary skull ‘n bones on the bonnet and the back, and the text ‘Mastermind Japan’, which is a specialty menswear manufacturer (clothes) that makes all kinda overpriced punky t-shirts for frustrated Japanese young men.

Ferrari 599 in matte-black from China

Mastermind Japan has some experience with commissioning customizing automobiles, only last month they debuted a limited ‘Mastermind Japan Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG’, only five were made for 252.000 USD each. This Ferrari 599 might be such a limited edition too but I can’t find any information about it. If anyone knows more, please let me know in the comments.

Ferrari 599 in matte-black from China

China is the biggest market for Ferrari today, and special editions are wanted very much by wealthy Chinese car buyers. Ferrari officially commissioned two special editions for the Chinese market; the 12 car Ferrari 599 GTB China Limited Edition and the one-off 599 GTB Porcelain Edition.

Ferrari 599 in matte-black from China

Except for the sticker-things this 599 is a very fine looking car, especially in the rain. Big wheels and alloys make it a racer, matte black paint very good for a stealthy attack on shopping malls.

Ferrari 599 in matte-black from China

“Don’t crash me in my ass, I am a dangerous t-shirt from Japan!’

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