Ferrari 599 GTO in Yellow in China

Ferrari 599 GTO in Yellow in China

A very fine yellow-on-black Ferrari 599 GTO seen in the great city of Shanghai. This is the fourth GTO we see in China, earlier on we meet a special-edition orange GTO, a white example and one red. The Ferraro 599 feels at home in China, the monster sportsmachine debuted on the Beijing Auto Show back in 2010 and China became Ferrari’s biggest market worldwide earlier this year.

Ferrari 599 GTO in Yellow in China

Ferrari will make only 599 599 GTO’s, just a bit too many for collectors but heck, Ferrari wants to earn money so they can spend it on designing coffee-machines and pens, or whatever else they print their name on these days. But!, the 599 GTO is a good car: 6.0 V12, 670hp, 620nm, dry weight of 1,495 kg and a weight-to-power ratio of just 2.23 kg/hp. 0-100: 3.6sec, top speed: 325km/h.

Pics via: Weibo.

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  1. Saw a red GTO in Nanjing last year. lol one of my female classmates went crazy for a few minutes 😀

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