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Spotted in China: Maybach 62 Zeppelin

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This is the incredible Maybach 62 Zeppelin, seen by reader RS in the great city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, thank you for the pics! The Maybach 62 Zeppelin was based on the already mighty Maybach 62S and came with even more luxury and power. The 6.0 twin-turbo V12 was good for 640hp in the Zeppelin, a hike of 30hp over the 62S. Beat that with a pathetic 450hp Rolls-Royce Phantom!

Spotted in China: Maybach 62 Zeppelin

The Zepplin was special inside and out. Exterior features included two tone piano-black & silver paint,  a special Zeppelin hood ornament, exclusive 20 inch chrome alloys and dark-red taillights. The interior was even better with all special sorts of leather, more piano-black stuff, and silver “Zeppelin” champagne glasses.

Spotted in China: Maybach 62 Zeppelin

What a beautiful big car! The Maybach brand is popular in China, earlier on we met three 62S at one spot, and Maybach launched a ‘China Special Edition‘ based on the 57S late last year. Sadly it seems demand from China alone isn’t enough to save Maybach, the rest of the world didn’t want any so Benz has decided to go for the kill. Bad!

Spotted in China: Maybach 62 Zeppelin

Alloys a bit on the racy side for such a limousine, on the other hand, 640hp of Phantom-crushing power ain’t just for parading in town…

Spotted in China: Maybach 62 Zeppelin

Spotted in China: Maybach 62 Zeppelin

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  1. Saw a Zeppelin out in the ‘sticks’ in southern Vietnam – SaiGon plates so musta been buying up factories or land, or visiting the shrine on Nui Sam mountain for further good luck !!!

  2. Mercedes shat themselves when BMW bought Rolls Royce and VAG bought Bentley. They were desperate not to be outflanked at the top of the market, so they had to ‘reinvent’ a super-premium brand of their own. They dug deep into the archives and came up with Maybach.

    Sadly, the best they could do for the brand was a stretched S Class platform, with bland looks and a pimped-out interior.

    And guess what, nobody wanted one. I don’t have the exact figures, but I suspect the Maybach of the thirties may have sold more than the current range (and that wasn’t very many).

    The Phantom on the other hand is a unique product from a brand with real history in a segment where authenticity is everything, and it has outsold the Maybach by a huge margin since launch.

    I wonder how much the whole sad exercise has cost Daimler-Benz? (Probably enough to make the Phaeton fiasco look like small change).

    There just aren’t enough NBA players to make it viable …


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