Nissan 350Z is bluegreen in China

Published on January 22, 2013 by Tycho de Feijter

Nissan 350Z is bluegreen in China

A very sleek Nissan 350Z painted in bluegreen, no wrap this time, seen in a faraway eastern corner of the Capital. The brilliant paintjob was ruined a bit by the duck tape racing stripes over the bonnet. The Nissan 350Z is further made more pretty by a slightly lowered suspension, huge racing tires and shiny alloys.

Nissan 350Z is bluegreen in China

Bluegreen does the vehicle a lotta good. Nissan always used bright colors, like orange and red, for marketing purposes, but soft colors, like gray green and blue, are actually much better on this sleek sporty vehicle. The Nissan 350Z was never officially exported to China but the gray market brougt some over anyway. Earlier on we saw a Bling Roadster with a bodykit and an orange Nismo. The current Nissan 370Z will finally arrive as an official import in June.

Nissan 350Z is bluegreen in China

Fantastic alloys. I tried to count the spokes but got dizzy so I gave up. Who can do, better?

Nissan 350Z is bluegreen in China

Dark red covers over rear lights very good.


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  1. whatmarc- January 22, 2013 Reply

    I would have called pistachio.

  2. Andree- January 24, 2014 Reply

    Is it standard? How much do you want for it?

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