New Bentley Continental Flying Spur hits the Chinese car market

New Bentley Continental Flying Spur hits the Chinese car market

The new Bentley Continental Flying Spur has been launched on the Chinese car market. Price starts at 4.05 million and ends at 4.35 million yuan. The pictures of this particular Flying Spur were shot at the Shanghai Auto Show where the new Bentley had its China-debut. Interestingly, Bentley is using the rather childish hashtags (#NewFlying Spur) in China too. The hashtags however are not very useful in China because Twitter and Google+ are inaccessible.


China was the biggest market worldwide for Bentley in 2012 and sales for this year are expected to be even higher. The Continental Flying Spur is the second-most popular Bentley in China, behind the Continental GT and before Mulsanne, but some day all will be topped by the upcoming Bentley SUV. A few fine Flying Spur we met earlier on: dual tone, Mansory, crash. Bentley also launched two special editions for the Chinese market: the Linley for Bentley and the Speed China.

2 thoughts on “New Bentley Continental Flying Spur hits the Chinese car market”

  1. I’ve been driving the car today. It is now just called the Flying Spur not the Continental Flying Spur.

    Also whilst orders are now being accepted deliveries will not be made until September.

    Interestingly the international media event was held around Beijing! Today was the first drive and it will be going on for around the next two weeks or so.

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