Subaru Outback is matte purple in China

Subaru Outback is matte purple in China

A very urban coolio Subaru Outback, seen on a parking lot in central Beijing, around five o’ clock. The wild wagon was wrapped in a matte purple wrap, which was well-extended over the mirrors and bumpers. Sadly however, there were no other changes made to the Suub. Golden alloys would have been nice, for example.


The Subaru Outback is imported into China, price starts at 299.800 yuan and ends at 439.800 yuan. The Outback is not too popular, because a) it is a wagon and b) it is expensive. All Suubs are expensive because Subaru never managed to score a new manufacturing deal in China. They had one in the 1990’s but backed out. The Outback so, is a rare thing to see in country, and even rarer in matte purple…

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