Ford Focus Classic is a Pink Ford Fucos in China

Ford Focus Classic is a Pink Ford Fucos in China

A very flashy Ford Focus Classic, Spotted in China just outside the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. The good Ford was painted in eye-soothing Pink and further dressed up by blue brakes and a license plate reading R9997, the ‘9’ being a very lucky number in Chinese culture.


The interior was not forgotten. Leopard-print seat covers and steering wheel cover, matching very well with Pink body work.


VIP member of the McDonalds drive-in.


The Ford Focus Classic is the new name of the last-generation Ford Focus, it is still in production in China alongside the current Focus. Price starts at 99.800 yuan and ends at 123.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 1.8 with 120hp and 161nm, mated to a 5-speed manual or to a four-speed automatic. The Ford Focus and the Ford Focus Classic are made in China by the Chang’an-Ford joint venture.


It is a Fucos, not a Focus. Likely a mistake by a factory worker, we see that a lot in China. Sticker maker got it right.

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