Gan Maomao opens Car Dealer in Yunnan, China

Published on May 19, 2014 by Joey Wang

Gan Maomao opens Car Dealer in Yunnan, China

The beautiful Chinese car model Gan Maomao was hired to open a car dealer in the great city of Yuxi in Yunnan Province. The dealer sells Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda, and the Honda sub-brand Cimo. On first Gan Maomao looking very happy with a Lexus, wearing a shiny thing.


With a Jaguar F-Type, with her assets leaning a bit to the right. Gan Maomao is one of the most famous car models in China, doing mostly auto shows and openings. She normally comes together in one package with her colleague Gan Lulu but was all alone this time. Gan Lulu, most famous in 2012, looked a bit ill lately. Maybe she got sick.


Another Jag.



Maomao then changed into something simple for a shoot with a Honda. The Cimo name on the plate is wrong, this is a 100% Honda and not a sub.


A portrait on the parking lot.


Maomao then changed into something more formal for her speech.


It is lonely at the top. Note the magnificent surroundings, whit mountains and all.


Warmhearted staff having a laugh.


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  1. TGB- May 23, 2014 Reply

    She’s got a great body, but is she really that beautiful? I can’t see it!

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