Gan Lulu & Gan Maomao open a Car Culture Park in China

Gan Lulu & Gan Maomao open a Car Culture Park in China

China’s most sexy car girls Gan Lulu (R) and Gan Maomao were present at the opening of the Huaibei Car Culture Park in the great city of Huaibei in Anhui Province. ‘Car Culture Park’ is pretty-speak for a bunch of dealers cluttered together in a windy suburb. Gan Lulu and Gan Maomao (L) were properly dressed for the occasion, wearing, well.., something.


It doesn’t happy very often that the automotive professionals in a hinterland like Huaibei see girls so pretty and sophisticated, thus the visit aroused a lot of curiosity. So much indeed that large numbers of security guards were needed to keep happenings in check.


Maserati too opened a shop in the Car Culture Park, the second dealer in Anhui Province. Their first opened last year in the capital Hefei. Gan Lulu doesn’t really open her mouth anymore when she smiles. She probably lost a tooth, or the will to be happy.


Gan Lulu (L) is well-known and rather notorious for appearing near-naked on auto shows in China. Earlier on we met her on the Weifang Auto Show in Shandong, on the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, and on the Nanning Auto Show in Guizhou Province. Gan Maomao is new in the business, looking very exotic and all. Despite their similar names Gan Lulu (not to be confused with her arch-enemy Shi Lulu) and Gan Maomao are not related, although they are both managed by Gan Lulu’s mother.


Playing the crowd, throwing kisses around. Huaibei, will never be the same again.


The pit.

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