China Super Car Super Spot: Sportchassis Freightliner P4XL

China Super Car Super Spot: Sportchassis Freightliner P4XL

This is the Sportchassis Freightliner P4XL monster SUV, Spotted in China on the Beijing Crab Island International Auto Show. It is one of the maddest vehicles the world has ever seen, manufactured by a company called ‘Sportchassis‘, hailing from the great town of Clinton in Oklahoma, USA. This particular black beast is the first example we met in China, may there be more, to crush the traffic jams into the tarmac.


The Sportchassis Freightliner P4XL is based on a Freightliner light-duty truck and converted first to a pickup truck and than fitted with an SUV-style passenger compartment. Power comes from a Cummins 8.3 liter six-in-line diesel engine, good for 350hp and 1420nm. Lot of power but it needs, curb weight is a completely crazy 12.5 ton. That’s five times a Bentley Mulsanne. Price is heavy too, it was on sale for 4.3 million yuan or 696.000 USD, the most expensive SUV they had show. More heavy American metal soon!

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4.3 million yuan are equal 696.000 yuan???
Should be 696.000$.

2nd time. :o)