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Baojun is going BMW i3 with new ‘City Car’ EV

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Wuling is working on a new city EV, called City Car. It has a distinctive BMW i3 taste, especially on the sides. The Wuling City Car will debut as a concept on the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, the production version is expected to hit the Chinese electric car market in 2015.


Wuling logo on the back. Trendy taillights. No news yet of the powertrain, but an EV called City Car won’t be fast.

Wuling is a brand name of the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture, in which GM has a 43% stake. The other partners are SAIC (aka Shanghai Auto) and Wuling Automotive. SAIC and GM are tied up in the giant Shanghai-GM joint venture that makes Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac cars for the Chinese market.

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  1. As Baojun copy the style they also should copy the unique technical solutionthat BMW offer with the i3 , means the REX version which include a small motorcycle IC motors that has the function of range extender, when the battery are going out of jiuce. This idea is very brilliant but nobody of the chinese car makers has pick up yet for any of the dozens of EV introduced in the market recently.
    Actually in China a motorcycle motor is very cheap and this could be an advantage for the chinese EV Vs the oversea automakers. Just to say the REX version of the i3 cost about 5,000 usd more then a mormal i3. I think that a range extender with a IC motorcycle motor made in China installed into a domestic made EV, could have a max overprice of 1.000 USD on the regular EV price.
    This solution could be perfect for EVs like the BAIC 150 EV now heavily promoted in Beijing. The cost of a 150 EV is only 87.000 rmb now, but the problem is still how to make sure that you can reach your charging point. With a range extender this problem is solved .


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