2014 Guangzhou Auto Show: checking out the babe at Hawtai Motor

Published on November 23, 2014 by Joey Wang

2014 Auto Show: checking out the babe at Hawtai Motor

Back now quickly to the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show for a good look at the babe at Hawtai Motor. She is standing here next to a Hawtai Shengdafei SUV, and that is big news indeed because the production version debuted at the show (Hawtai knows how to attract attention). More on the car in a later post. Let’s check out a guy now! The one standing right behind the babe’s ass, wearing black glasses, a blue sweater, a white shirt and a black backpack. He wants to have a really special photo:


Aiming for the super shot. Charging his phone at the same time from a battery in his pocket. This man is clearly a professional. Red shoes however are very wuzzy.


Fire! The best shot ever. Hit her midships between the legs. Here she is from all sides:


She fits under the bonnet.


Touching the famously chromed Hawtai grille.


Tiger bra! Grrrrr.


“That there is the turbocharger, and…”


Looking for the spark plugs.


Trying a sweet smile.


Tiger bra. Grrrrr.


Getting in the mood for some.

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  1. klesk- August 9, 2015 Reply

    Fantastic girl!!!

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