Spy Shots: JMC E100 EV testing in China

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The very first Spy Shots of the JMC E100, a new electric vehicle for China. Slightly surprising because JMC, or the Jiangling Motor Corporation, doesn’t have any previous experience with electric cars. The company is most famous for its co-ownership of the Landwind brand, maker of the infamous Landwind X7 SUV. JMC also has a successful joint venture with Ford and makes sells hardcore-petrol-powered big SUV’s and pickup trucks under its own name.

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However! A combination of pressure and generous subsidies by the Chinese government makes almost every Chinese automaker going into electric cars these days, and JMC has to be in as well, whether they really like it or not…

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Power comes from an electric motor with 10 (ten) horsepower, propelling the E100 to a 80 kilometer per hour top speed. No numbers on range and charging available yet, but we do know the size: 3427/1565 / 1410, wheelbase is 2260. The E100 is scheduled for launch on the Chinese car market in 2015. Price after subsidies will start somewhere around 65.000 yuan.

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  1. The car is essentially the Dongfang Ruida ES600 which is already on sale. I have made several posts about this family of cars in China Car Forums.

    There are eight cars known to me (till now, excluding the E100) which share basically this same design. Some are straightaway rebadges, some differ cosmetically. These are:

    1. Dongfang Ruida ES600
    2. Goplay (Goupai) V5
    3. Dinaite Guanhang
    4. Huaihai Zongshen K2
    5. Lansel HT10
    6. Lei Jun EV
    7. Yintai EV
    8. Zhongtong hybrid EV

    Not all of them are on sale. A few have only been displayed at EV shows.

    The Levdeo D50 and Dongfeng Weisiman EV3 are related cars, but have completely different looks.

    Weifang Richauto (RAINCHST) and TJ Innova. were involved in their development.

  2. I doubt if there is even an engineer behind this kind of products or if these car makers just buy components available in the market to make a puzzle with the goal to keep the price as low as possible.
    It’s absurd that most of these Junk EV still use lead acid battery for their energy storage and never try to use updated technology for motors and light weight chassis.
    Without innovation and research , EV like this will never be successful in the market and finally they just will be a loose of time and money for the company that started such a poor project.

  3. Sorry Marco, I couldn’t read your whole message because there is a woman with big wide hips in the way….. 🙁

    I do agree though that JMC seems to be making just a token effort at “New Energy”, using what Dmitra tells us is a cookie cutter EV.

    • Yup. It seems that many Chinese automakers are using similar platforms to base their new EV’s on. The list provided by D Mitra (thanks!) is a great example and I will try post a post later on showing all these different vehicles. It appears that the Chinese automakers have found a cheap way to profit from the extremely generous subsidies offered by the Chinese government. On the other hand; it also means that there will be more EV’s on the road, eventually, which is in any way what the government wants.

  4. Tycho,
    Can’t read the above comments because the column of general interest photos, is in the way.
    Something has changed at your website..


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