Chinese Woman drives Mercedes-Benz CLA into a Canal

Chinese Woman drives Mercedes-Benz CLS into a Canal

Punks crashing supercars? Just unfortunate incidents. It is women who are the the biggest danger in Chinese traffic today. Just last week we saw one mating a Porsche, and today we have a super smarty who drove her Mercedes-Benz CLA into a canal.


The accident happened in the great city of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province. It is a classic. The Benz was parked on a lot near the waterside. The woman wanted to leave and set the automatic gearbox in Drive instead of Reverse, and hit the pedal to the metal. Blub.


The woman wears a short blue skirt and has her hair dyed red. Amazingly, she managed to get out and climb on the roof without getting wet, using the sunroof. Friendly onlookers threw her a lifebuoy, but she refused, claiming shoe couldn’t swim. Police then threw her a line and got her back on shore.


The CLA sunk and must be assumed dead. Not a cheap drowning!, base price in China is 286.000 yuan or 46.090 USD.


The little lady, with her skirt  dry as a desert, chatting away with a SWAT officer, who apparently was involved in the rescue operation.

19 thoughts on “Chinese Woman drives Mercedes-Benz CLA into a Canal”

  1. It’s definitely a CLA, the reverse lamp and turn signals are on the bottom part of the taillamp while on the CLS they’re in the middle. I miss the days when models in a brand’s car lineup were easily distinguishable from each other.

  2. Right away shouldn’t there have been a Prince Charming willing to jump in and rescue the Damsel in distress?
    Perhaps the canal water quality dampened any thoughts of heroic chivalry……

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