The Girls arrive at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China

The Girls arrive at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China

Down south in the heat of Guangzhou, they ain’t so sad about sex (hihi) as in Shanghai. We do therefore expect a lot of Chinese Car Girls to dress up the 2015 Guangzhou Auto Show. Today, one day before the start of the show, the girls arrived for rehearsals and the make-up check. On the first photo a quartet on the move just outside the exhibition hall.


This must be a famous babe because she got an assistant. Assistants are instantly recognizable by their waist bags, full with sanitary napkins, eye liner, and other hot stuff. The assistant need some assistance with her mask.


That is a huge model, a giant of sorts, towering at least 180 centimeter.


Another flock of babe, in a hurry it seems. Rehearsals are important; practicing how to lean over a car’s bonnet, how to stand next to a car, and how to sit in one.


Like ordinary people car girls get tired too. They then sit on their well-shaped asses on a parking lot.


Making each other up.


It is estimated that around a 1000 (one thousand) car girls will be deployed on the exhibition. That includes the girls with the cars, but also the girls for the zillions of media companies, sales companies, restaurants, and whatnot more. Down south, they really got babe all over the place.


Run baby, run!


Having a smoke and a fat-free yogurt.


They can’t figure out where to go, so they start texting.


What a good looking brown bag.


These babes got huge suitcases-on-wheels. They probably need to stay over for the night.


Ending with a bunch if white chicks. For Volkswagen we bet. They need me diesel!

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