Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration SUV Concept Unveiled On The Beijing Auto Show

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration SUV Concept Unveiled On The Beijing Auto Show

The Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration, and yeah oh mark-a-tingy what a trendy name is that, has been unveiled on the Beijing Auto Show. We will call it QX from now. The QX is a concept car previewing a future midsized premium SUV that will hit the market in late 2017.


Design is in the latest Infiniti style, with a lot of creases and sharp corners, note especially the zig-zag in the top of the D-pillar. There is enough bling on the car for China, with a shiny grille, shiny strips on the doors, fat chrome bars around the windows, and brilliant looking alloys with red brakes. The latter are becoming a trend, we see red brakes everywhere, on cheap Chinese stuff, on high end cars, and now on the QX.


The interior is not that concept-ish, indicating production is not so far away. Think out the racy wheel and think that screen a bit smaller and you are close to the real thing, which will be positioned between the current QX50 and the QX60. That would leave for a name… QX55?

Infiniti didn’t say anything about power so we assume the concept doesn’t have an engine. The real car will be powered by a 2.0 turbo four, a 3.5 V6, and a 3.5 V6 hybrid. It will be manufactured in Japan for international markets and in China for the local market.



See how the gold-colored line on dash top runs over onto the door. Very nice.


The hips remind up of the ill-born China-only Infinti ESQ. Rear lights are large for 2016.


A very shiny pipe section under the bumper.


Front looks great with that grille, a huge logo, a ‘brushed’ lower bumper section, and mean looking lights. May she reach production unchanged, and may she get rid of that stupid name soon.

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