Chinese Woman Bumps A Jaguar Out Of Her Way

Chinese Woman Bumps A Jaguar Out Of Her Way

Chinese women, we hear a lot of bad about them; redecorating parking lots, hurting McLarens, and washing Mercs in the river. But here we have a good one. A woman driving a white Range Rover Evoque in the great city of Xiamen in Fujian Province found a Jaguar blocking the way out of her parking lot.

Instead of trying to find the admittingly evil owner of the vehicle she decided to take things in her own hands and bumped the Jag’ away!


What a girl! She bumped-reversed-bumped a couple of times, attracting a large number of curious locals, they cheered her on, filming and photographing her every move. Nobody tried to stop her.




And bump!


Finally, she managed to drive away. The crowd erupted in applause.


The Jag was heavily damaged. Curiously, the owner still hadn’t show up at nightfall. Guess he was out drinking somewhere with his friends!

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  1. The owner of Jaguar is working for a investment company that the owner of Land Rover bought financial products from.There is a conflict between both,so the Jaguar owner blocked the Land Rover on purpose. Fresh update: Land Rover driver in police custody for purposely damaging property and the Jaguar driver’s company is now under investigation for illegal financial business practices.

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