Green Lord Motors Invades Hong Kong With The GLM-G4 Electric Supercar

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Green Lord Motors has arrived in Hong Kong with their GLM-G4 electric supercar. Green Lord Motors, or GLM for short, is a Japanese engineering company. They were closely involved in the development of the crazy TommyKaira ZZ open sport scar, they are working with Chinese company Singulato to develop a range of electric SUVs, and now they have launched their GLM-G4.

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The GLM-G4 is a four-door four-seat electric supercar. It is based on the Dutch Savage Rivale Roadyacht. Green Lord Motors and Savage Rivale have agreed to a car making deal where the Japanese bring in the electric-power train expertise and the Dutch the rest. What can possibly go wrong when two companies with such great names come together..?

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GLM says it will soon start selling the GLM-4 in Hong Kong. But the steering wheel is on the wrong side, Hong Kong has left-hand traffic, and so does Japan. They got to change that otherwise they can’t even legally sell the GLM-4 in the territory. The GLM-4 will also be sold in China but when exactly is yet unclear. At least the wheel is on the correct side for the Chinese market.


The GLM-4 has double scissor doors, opening to the front and to the back, revealing a luxurious and sporty interior. Power is sporty too: it has two electric motors, together good for a staggering 547hp and 1000nm. Top speed is 250km/h, 0-100 is gone in 3.7 seconds, and range is 400 kilometer. Tesla will be impressed.


A great looking and innovative machine. Four seats are a great plus over all the two-seat supercars that keep popping up everywhere.

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